Welcome Back


Hi guys!! I'm so happy to be back and blogging again! I've not blogged for over a year and I decided to come back with a brand new look on the website and fresh new concepts. 

I will continue to use Kike's Closet to express my love for fashion and all things style! I have introduced two new pages to the blog: Skincare & Beauty, where I will be sharing and reviewing the products I use to keep my skin looking fresh and plump. I may share a few make up tips but not as a "beauty blogger" just simply to share any pointers I've picked up along the way. I will also be sharing hair topics with you guys and about my transition to a naturalista!
I will be sharing little insights into my personal life in the Lifestyle page. I'll be sharing a few of my personal thoughts on this journey we call life and covering topics around travel, food and faith. Yes, I'll be using this avenue to talk about my faith and share with you some of the the reasons I really love God and call myself a Christian. 
I hope that this blog will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for as many that read it! I really hope you guys will enjoy this new journey with me and Kike's Closet. Please don't forget to subscribe to the blog and you'll receive email notifications when I post something new, and also subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can have access to all the videos I upload. Thanks a million for your support!

Lots of love, K.G


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