My Wedding Story Part 2

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I was calm. I didn't panic. Our wedding was in five weeks and we had no venue. The hotel manager was kind enough to refund our deposit before the administration process commenced (bless him), so we didn't loose our money. I felt like this was all my fault because I was the one that insisted on the venue. But instead of wallowing in my guilt and self-pity, there was work to be done - damage control. We had just five weeks to find another venue that could accommodate 500 guests and allowed self-catering. And we had to do this amidst the pressures of our daily jobs. Anyway, by this time we had already secured our decorator and I explained our woes to him. He decided to help us source a venue, Oyinkan was also calling every venue she knew in Sheffield. I remember speaking to one hotel and they actually thought I was joking when I asked if their venue was available for a wedding in the next five weeks. Other venues sympathised with me and apologised for not being able to help. I even remember someone suggesting we sue our original venue. Le Sigh!

Long story short with a mere four weeks to go, we eventually found the only venue that was able to host our wedding. It was able to accommodate all our guests and allowed for self-catering. It was also very beautiful and in a most ideal location, not far from the town centre. Of course, because of how last minute things were and because the venue owner had to turn down other events to accommodate us we had to pay an over inflated price for our venue. There goes my Louboutins! I'll tell you a little secret about this venue: my husband and I had actually attended a wedding here with a few friends long before our courtship began, but never did we imagine that this would be the setting for our own wedding. Once we secured that venue, we had to inform all of our guests and vendors of the change in venue. The stress! We did this through word of mouth, sending out emails, text and whatsapp messages and through church announcements.

Bridal Shower Ideas Bridal shower photo

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you all about my bridal shower!! Eek!! It was too awesome!! It was vintage themed and filled with one of my favourite colours - pink (yes, I have two favourite colours - yellow and pink). It was also a surprise shower. Lol, my husband convinced me that it would be our last dinner before we got married so he insisted on buying me a white dress of my choosing. He took me out during the day for some shopping and errand running - obviously a distraction so that the girls could prep my house (in my own house, you know! the cheek!) for the shower. He took me home after our errands so that I could get dressed and chose to wait for me in the car. I had no idea what was waiting for me in my house. I opened the door and heard a loud "surpriiiiiiiseeeeee". Ahhhhhh!! Bisola!!! (she had traveled a long way to be here) Tosin!! Mishel!!! I screamed all their names in excitement and anger! I couldn't believe it! All the ladies I felt nearest and dearest to me in Sheffield were there. The girls were dressed in pink and black outfits to contrast my white dress. There were loads of sweet and savory treats and the house was beautifully decorated. I received both naughty and nice gifts (lol); we played games, danced and took many photos. This was the most fun I'd had all year! I would forever be grateful to my maids of honour and bridesmaids for throwing me such an amazing shower.

My bridal shower was a welcome distraction from all the planning. My parents finally arrived and as we drew closer and closer to the wedding day I found it difficult to control my nerves. Yikes, in a few days I'll be walking down the aisle. Me?! Who would have thunk it!! My Dad always put on a brave face, I could sense him hiding his emotions as we spent these last few days together before he'd give me away at the alter. We spent most of our time watching the Euros and Wimbledon. rooting on our favourite countries and players. My Mum, bless her, she doesn't give into her emotions that easily. She did all the final running around that needed to be done with me. I'm blessed to have strong parents. My husband and I finally completed our pre-marital classes with about a week to go till our big day. We even had to take a test to judge all that we had learnt in those 12 weeks. Thank goodness we both passed - can you imagine if we had to resit the exam?! Lol. As a result of the stress of the planning process, both my husband and I lost a considerable amount of weight. My weight loss was evident during my final dress fitting - I started to regret trying to do everything on my own. But it was too late for shoulda, coulda, wouldas!

I have to say that my wedding day was actually beautiful! I loved everything about it - the beautifully dressed guests, the decor, the food (which I barely ate). Everything was brilliant! I was an emotional wreck in the morning - I was anxious and nervous, then I started crying when I saw one of my bridesmaids all dolled up looking absolutely smashing. I cried because my flower girls and little bride looked just like angels! And then my Dad, sigh! We were such wrecks! He cried at the alter, then I cried, then my husband almost shed a tear. What a morning! The reception and after party were lit *insert fire emoji here*! Our bridesmaids and groomsmen did a choreographed dance for us, lol, it was super cute. It was months after our wedding that I found out that the dance was actually based on our relationship (Imagine! Lol). We also played the shoe game - such a tense moment. And the speeches by our parents were so sweet. It was truly a memorable day - and that's what weddings should be about, they should be remembered as one of the best days of your life because that's the day you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

I am grateful to everyone, friends and family, who played a role in making our wedding day so successful. I have left a list of all of our vendors at the end of this post. I appreciate this has been quite a lengthy post and I personally don't like long blog posts (both writing and reading them) so I'll be sharing my wedding planning dos and don'ts in another post. But I do hope you've been able to take a thing or two from my story.

Couple's Black&White photo courtesy of @amarainusa
Bridal Shower Vendors:
Cake - Truly Yummy Cakes  @trulyummycakes 
Cupcakes - The Little Oxford Baker | @thelittleoxfordbaker

Traditional Wedding Vendors:
Photography - Prince Tayorski | @prince_tayorski | 
Videography - GTruly Weddings | @gtrulyweddings |
DJ - DJ EM TEL | @cyclops_emmanuel
Planner - Elysian Affairs | @elysianaffairs 
Decor - Amour Special Occasions | @amourspecialoccasions  
Make Up - Immaculate Beauty | @immaculatebeautymua
Guest Photos & On-the-day Gele - Abey Gele Ewa Obinrin | 07475 900126

Wedding Day Vendors:
Photography - Prince Tayorski | @prince_tayorski | 
Videography - FSharp Moments | @fsharpmoments |
DJ - Deejay Em | @djem_uk | 
Live Band - Wale Adebanjo | @walesalters |
Planner - Elysian Affairs | @elysianaffairs 
Decor & Cake - TB Cakecraft
Bride's Make Up - Immaculate Beauty | @immaculatebeautymua
Bride's Hair - Crown and Glory
Bridesmaids Make Up - Primrose Beauty | @primyrosebeauty
Brides,aids Hair - Grace
Sweet Table - @delightsbystar
Guest Photos & On-the-day Gele - Abey Gele Ewa Obinrin | 07475 900126

Lots of love, K.G

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