Wedding Planning Dos & Don'ts

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So I took a little detour from talking about My Wedding Story (read here) to share some exciting fashion posts which I hope you guys have thoroughly enjoyed. In today's post, I'm sharing a few wedding planning tips, which are not just exclusive to wedding planning but are easily transferable to any occasion or event which requires some form of planning - whether it be a grand birthday party or a networking soiree. 



Make a List

Write down everything you have ever dreamed your wedding to be! At the end of the day this is your wedding and you want to see your dreams finally materialise, so what better way to start your planning than to write down exactly what you want your big day to look like?! Not only will doing this help you to get organised, but it also sets the template for your budget.

Set yourself a realistic budget

Once you know what you want your wedding to look like, set yourself a budget for how much you want to spend. You can either have a maximum cap on the wedding (eg. I want to spend £25,000 on my entire wedding) or a budget on each item (eg. I want to spend £1,000 on my wedding dress; ​£5,000 on decor, £3,000 on catering etc). Setting a budget helps you to cut out the things that you may not necessarily need especially when you realise that your budget won't quite cover that. It also disciplines you so that you don't over-spend on your wedding or indebt yourself before you even begin your marriage! Remember there is life after the wedding!

Delegate tasks!

Goodness, I cannot stress this point enough! Your friends and family are going to be super happy for you the moment you announce you've decided to take that bold step into marriage. So, no doubt your loved ones would want to help you where help is needed. So, delegate tasks as much as you can. Choose reliable people to take care of things like choosing bridesmaids' dresses / groomsmens' suits, shoes and accessories, discussing details with vendors etc. You and your husband can take care of some major things like choosing the reception hall and colours but leave the minor things to reliable and trustworthy friends and family to sort out. If you can afford a wedding planner then by all means hand over the bulk of the planning to them. Or, if you have a friend or family member who is into event planning let them utilise their skills to help you plan your wedding!

Also, be very careful of the people you hand some bigger tasks to, ensure they are reliable and won't let you down on the day of your wedding. I actually forgot to mention in the second part of My Wedding Story (read here) that our MC did not turn up on the day of our wedding even after we had paid our deposit (which till to date we have not received back). Thank God for one of my favourite Uncles who came to the rescue at literally the last minute (and when I say last minute I literally mean 30 minutes before our wedding reception) to be our MC. 


I'm lucky to have a husband who could negotiate better than a wolf of wall street (Lol). Whatever you do, do not settle for the first price given to you by a vendor. Always ask if you can get something for a lower price, or if you do settle for the first price given ask for more additions. So for example, if you're having a candy vendor who is charging say £3 per head, ask the vendor to throw in some free extras such as marshmallows or popcorn. Or ask your makeup artist to do your Mum's, Sister's or Maid of Honour's make up for a reduced price or, if you're bold enough, for free!



Let social media fool you

In Adekunle Gold's Ready, there's some lyrics that go "bella naija e calm down, you dey make me jealous". Lol, I find those lyrics so funny because being a former bride to be myself, I know that a lot of wedding planning inspiration, and to some extent, the pressure to even get married and have the best wedding ever, comes from Instagram pages like bellanaija, weddingdigestnaija, africansweetheartweddings and the lot. Don't get me wrong though, there is a place for Instagram / Pinterest wedding pages for ideas and inspiration, but my advice to you is not to get carried away! If your goal is to have the most lavish and expensive wedding just so you can be featured on bellanaija, then you've lost the plot my friend. Your wedding is much more than an Instagram feature. My social media fast at the start of last year was so timely. Whilst I missed stalking all those wedding pages, those three months helped me to really concentrate on what I wanted my own wedding to look like. 

Stress out

Wedding planning is not easy and can become really overwhelming, especially when you also have a full time job or other responsibilities to take care of. So, one of the things that will help to alleviate any signs of stress is asking for help and not doing everything yourself. The more help you have the less stressed you'll be. I know a bride to be who's preparing for her wedding later this year and, amongst many other things, she doesn't even know who her caterers are! I was surprised when she told me this but one thing I really like about this bride to be is how super calm and stress free she is! Lucky girl! Being stressed can quickly turn you into a bridezilla / groomzilla, and the last thing you want to do is scream and shout at your nearest and dearest months before your big day - so flee from the stress. Take yourself on a spa treatment if you feel a bout of stress coming along or do things that'll help to take your mind off the planning process. 

Rush to make decisions

You're only going to get married once...unless, of course, you have an elaborate vow renewal ceremony. So, don't make decisions in a rush and don't settle for the first thing you find when vendor searching or looking for things like your dress and reception hall. Get in touch with more than one vendor / service provider, for example, speak to three or four caterers and find out what each will provide and for how much - this is a good way of organising your budget. If you can afford it, have trials with more than one hair stylist and make up artist to ensure you're happy with the vendor that delivers the look you're going for. Also, always try to get a second opinion, for example, when scouting for a venue, get a family member or friend to accompany you and ask what they think about the place. You may be planning your wedding in a short period of time so one of the best things to do is to set yourself a realistic target of when you want to get things done by as opposed to rushing to do them. You want to make sure that you're happy with every choice you've made and your wedding is just like you've always imagined.

Expect everything to go just as planned

This point almost kinda contradicts my last sentence, but the idea here is to be flexible. Things may happen unexpectedly, like your caterer may suddenly be unable to provide crockery days before the wedding, but don't lose your mind about it. For us, it was our MC letting us down on the day of our wedding, but this was our big day and we weren't going to let anything ruin it. We just remained calm and simply asked someone else to step in. So, it may be worth considering having a back up vendor or alternatives. But just remember that regardless of what happens on your wedding day, the bigger picture is about you making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with your best friend and partner in crime. It's a celebration of your love and don't let anything take away from it or ruin it!

So that's it for my wedding series, guys. I hope you've enjoyed my crazy stories and these planning tips. I'd love to hear from any of you about your wedding planing stories, so feel free to leave a comment below to share! And all the best to every bride and groom to be out there who're planning their big days. May your wedding be as awesome and beautiful as you've ever imagined!

Lots of love, K.G


  1. Thanks for this write-up. I would need to learn how to delegate tasks when it comes to mine.

    1. You're welcome! Glad you found it helpful! Delegating tasks can be hard but it'll make planning so much easier for you.


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