Four Trends I'm loving this Spring


Ankle Grazers 

Yes! It's finally Spring and I can expose my ankles now that temperatures are no longer freezing!! One of the things I look forward to the most during Spring and Summer is bearing my legs. Whilst I still have to wait a little longer before wearing a pretty pair of shorts, I'll settle for ankle grazers in the mean time. This pair is from Primark and I particularly love the slightly frayed and unfinished hem, which adds an edgy, cool and care free finish to my look.

Bell Sleeves

I am currently loving anything with bell sleeves! They're just so girly and so me, but, I've not always loved them. They kinda grew on me after I purchased a sweet cream blouse with flared sleeves from H&M last autumn. The blouse I have on in this post is actually from eBay; it's got massive bell sleeves which I folded to my elbows to enhance a bit more. 

The mini-bag

Impractical but oh so gorgeous! For me, the mini-bag is probably this season's most chic trend. Nothing says care free than traipsing around with a barely there bag, begging the question where does she keep her purse and phone? I've never really understood the obsession with big bags, sure they're practical for carrying all of life's must haves with you but I much prefer a smaller or mini bag when I'm out and about.

Floral Appliqué & Embroidery

I've always been a fan of all things floral, and now florals are literally embroidered or appliqued on to every wearable clothing item from head to toe. Yes, that includes footwear. The floral mules I have on in this post are from Ego, and since purchasing them a few weeks back they've literally not left my feet. They look exactly like Gucci Princetown slip on mules but for far less the price. I've paired them with mini dresses, skirts and now, ankle grazers. I love the ease and convenience of just slipping them on when I'm about to run a quick errand.

What trends are you loving this season? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Love, K.G

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