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With the exception of the outfit from my last blog post (view it here) I honestly feel like I haven't worn colour in such a long time, perhaps because it felt like we had a really long Autumn / Winter. I do remember getting my winter gear out quite early last year. Shortly after we hit Spring, I realised how obsessed I was with whites because every time I opened my Closet I had a sea of white dresses and blouses, as well as the odd grey and black winter gear starring right back at was as if I almost forgot how much I love a pop of colour. 

The moment I saw these gorgeous yellow culottes in Zara I fell in love with colour all over again and started revamping my closet in preparation for Summer. A pop of colour is one of those trends I don't think would ever go out of style, and this season one of the major top trends is clashing colours. So think gorgeous greens, pretty pinks, bright blues, radiant reds and, my ultimate favourite, mellow yellow!

What I'm Wearing
Tee | Zara - click here
Culottes | Zara - click here or love this
Flats | Zara - try this 
Bag | Zara - try this

Love, K.G

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