Finding the Balance Between Blogging & a Full Time Job


In this day and age of blogging, there's no room for inconsistency, especially now that blogging is a recognised source of income and a way of making a little money on the side. Inconsistency was one of my biggest problems when I initially started blogging years ago. Since relaunching Kike's Closet, I have learnt from other bloggers that the combination of consistency, excellent content and constant engagement with social media followers can have a significant impact on the growth of a blog.

finding the balance between blogging and a full time jobI know of bloggers who blog up to three times a week and some even daily - it's highly likely that blogging could be their primary source of income or they're just super passionate about what they blog about. But being a working girl, I realistically don't have the capacity to blog as frequently as that. For me, the best way to maintain consistency is by blogging once a week and on the same day (if you don't know by now, that's on a Tuesday). Consistency for me means that all my blog photos must be of the best quality. So I do a lot of YouTube and Google learning on how to improve my photography skills.

Consistency for me also means having a uniform and more fluid Instagram feed. Ever since I discovered it, Instagram has been my favourite social media platform because I'm a very visual person, and for me, words and moods are often best expressed using photos. So, naturally I spend more time engaging with my Instagram followers than I do on Facebook or Twitter. To keep my engagement up, I aim to post photos at least three times a week and I add some variety with a couple of Instastories. There are several secrets to improving and maintaining social media engagement, particularly on Instagram but I won't bore you with those today.

So by blogging at least once a week, Instagramming at least three times a week, how do I actually find the balance between blogging and working full time?? Here are my tips:

1. I write down my blogging ideas

I always ensure that I have a notebook or my iPad / iPhone with me wherever I go, because post ideas and inspiration can come from literally anywhere, and I make sure I jut these ideas down really quickly before I forget them.  

2. I draft my blog posts well in advance

Once I start to develop my ideas, I draft them up on Blogger, and I can always come back to my draft posts to amend or complete it before it goes live. This particular tip was given to me by a good friend of mine, beauty blogger TomiKay (check out her blog here). Most of the time I actually blog on the go. Having a long commute to work means I have a lot of time to draft my posts on my iPad or iPhone, so I make sure I make the most of my commute time.

3. I schedule my posts

Scheduling my posts is a great way of planning ahead and keeping my draft posts organised! This means I don't physically need to press the publish button especially if I'm not in front of a computer, and if I have lots of draft posts I can schedule them for when I want them to be published. 

4. I plan and manage my time well at evenings and weekends

Because of the nature of my work, I literally have a To-Do list and planners for every aspect of my life. I plan my week so that I know exactly what I'm doing each evening and each weekend - there are literally no surprises in my life, Lol. So after work, I spend a bit of time on my commute home either drafting a post or researching an idea, and on some evenings and most weekends I spend a bit of time taking blog photos (thank God for the British Summertime sunshine :).

If you work full time and blog on the side, I really hope this post has been useful. Leave a comment below to share how you balance blogging with a full time job.

Love, K.G


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