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summer capsule wardrobe

The 'Capsule Wardrobe' (henceforth Closet, because this is Kike's Closet) was a concept that was formed in the '70s by Susie Faux, owner of a boutique in the West End called Wardrobe. With the career woman in mind, she described it as a collection of a few items of high quality, timeless and versatile pieces that don't go out of fashion and can be worn frequently.

The ideal capsule closet is made up of basic items of clothing such as skirts, shirts, trousers, jackets / coats, all of plain and simple colours, which can then be 'jigged-up' with other seasonal pieces like scarves and hats. For me, having a capsule closet not only means having a collection of my key clothing items at hand but also having my go-to items for each season (or week) in one easily accessible place - or rail. 

what is a capsule wardrobeFor instance, on one rail I have a few basic workwear items that I re-jig and wear to work each week - this saves me the stress of rummaging through my closet in the morning and the risk of running late. On a side note, do you know why some of the most successful people wear the same items of clothing most times? I'm talking the likes of former US President Barak Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and the late Steve Jobs (God rest his soul). It's to avoid decision fatigue; it cuts down the number of decisions they need to make each day and helps them concentrate on making the more crucial decisions. I once read that according to scientific research, a person becomes less efficient at work or at making big decisions by stressing over smaller things like what to eat or what to wear every day. Very interesting!

A capsule closet is also an excellent way of decluttering and keeping your closet super organised. Because a capsule collection concentrates on whites, blacks, greys and neutrals, they're really easy to build and can be re-worked each season to include a bit of colour and different accessories. So here are my tips for building the ideal capsule closet:

summer capsule wardrobe1. Clear out your closet and start building it with the basics: a white shirt and/or blouse, a pair of black trousers and / or jeans, a pencil skirt and a jacket or coat of your choosing. Make sure that these items are dark or neutral colours, which makes them versatile and easy to switch up. 

2. Add your shoes and bags - the ones that'll go with your neutral colours and you're sure to wear all year round. Remember the trick to building an excellent capsule closet is to concentrate on higher quality, simple pieces that don't go out of fashion and which you can wear all year round. 

3. The next step is to include your add-ons. When it's getting to Spring / Summer, add some colour: blue jeans, a denim jacket, that pretty dress you're going to be wearing to your friend's wedding. When Autumn / Winter comes 'round include your scarves, tights, hats and gloves. I absolutely love colour, especially yellow, so my Summer capsule closet naturally has a lot of yellow!

4. Remember, it's a Capsule closet, meaning it should be somewhat compact. Try to stick to between 15 to 20 basic pieces when you clear out your closet and try not to include too many add-ons. The ideal capsule closet should have no more than 50 items of clothing. Don't worry, if you're struggling for closet space, I'll be doing a post about how to manage a small closet.  

simple capsule wardrobe

Love, K.G


  1. Love your capsule closet. Im actually in the middle of clearing out my closet and embracing that minimalist life - would be stealing some pointers from this post.

    Also can we just take a moment to appreciate your pictures - layout, lighting, just all round great quality!

    1. Thanks so much Bis!!! Glad the post was helpful. You have to send photos of your minimalist closet when it's done 😃

      Your comment actually means so much, it's hard work but it's worth it! Xx


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