5 easy ways to get organised without stressing out

Being organised is literally what I'm paid for at my place of work. My husband always praises my organisation skills. From refurbishing the house to my shopping lists, believe me when I say I have a to-do list for everything! So, I thought I'd share with you guys 5 easy ways to get organised without stressing out. 

1. Write it down 

The best way to remember to do anything is to write it down. Make yourself a manageable and realistic list of tasks you want to get done - better known as a to-do list -  where you can keep tabs on all those important things you need to do.

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The best thing about a to-do list is that you can create one for absolutely anything. Here are a few to-do lists I've made in the past and currently use:

* To Do Today
* To Do This Week
* To Do Next Month
* To Buy List (or a shopping list)
* Blog Post Ideas

2. Prioritise Your List

It's one thing to create a pretty to-do list, but you also have to remember to set your priorities straight. Think about those important tasks, what needs to be done urgently, and what tasks can wait, then arrange your list based on those priorities. You can even colour code your list using bright colours to identify the most important tasks and paler or pastel colours to identify the not-so-important tasks. Trust me, your stress levels will go way down when you've completed you priority tasks and you only have smaller things left on your list. 

3. Set a deadline 

Setting yourself a deadline is such a good way of avoiding procrastination! Put a target date next to your tasks on your  list so that you aim to get each task done within a specific period of time - especially those very important tasks. Always give yourself a realistic time frame to complete everything you need to get done. 

4. Put it in your calendar & set yourself a reminder

If you haven't got a physical calendar, the best way to do this is to use your phone! Practically all phones have a calendar now, so drop your task in your calendar and set a reminder so that if you forget, your phone will remind you!

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5. Be realistic

I've used the word realistic in this post a couple of times already, but honestly, you need to be realistic about what you want to get done, when you want to get it done by and how you want to get it done. I have found that disorganisation can easily come about if you put way too much on your plate and can't really differentiate between a priority and a minor task that isn't all too important. So, make sure you set a realistic deadline for those big, priority tasks. Also, don't forget that you sometimes can't do it all by yourself - ask for help from those around you, especially when you're not quite sure how to go about doing things.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Leave a comment below to share how you stay organised without stressing out!

Love, K.G ❤️


  1. First off, I love your theme!!
    These tips are actually important, and I think I really should writing down and prioritizing my goals actually.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Desire. Glad you've found my tips helpful :)


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