Your Job Matters Even More Than You Think


I've come to a place in my life where I'm absolutely loving my job - but it hasn't always been that way, because it's only now that I feel like I'm actually doing what I love!

As much as I am satisfied with my job right now, and thoroughly enjoying it, I know this is not the end game. This is just a chapter in my journey to greatness. But I'm not going to take for granted the previous jobs I've had - regardless of how frustrated I was at them, or how boring they were, or even how menial they might have been to me at the time. Each of those roles played a part in making me the diligent worker I am today, and they taught me a number of important lessons that I needed to learn if I would ever succeed in my career.

This makes me think about the biblical character, Moses, who went through so many different stages in his life which contributed to the fulfillment of his greater destiny. If he wan't raised by Pharoah's wife, he wouldn't have understood the ways of the Egyptians with whom he had to contend to let the people of Israel go to their promised land. If he never ran away from Egypt he would have likely been imprisoned for committing murder and would have never had the opportunity of saving God's people. If he never became a shepherd he would never have understood how to lead a large group of people. From the moment he was born, the hand of God was clearly on his life - even when he didn't realise it. Everything Moses went through prepared him for the next step. Let's not even forget Joseph (whose story preceded Moses'), whose many plights prepared him for his ultimate position as Governor in Egypt.

So, you may not necessarily be enjoying your job right now or wished you were doing something else, but just remember that you'll only be here for a season and there is something for you to learn that will contribute to your ultimate destiny. Don't take your job for granted, rather look for the opportunity to learn, grow and leave an impact.

Love, K.G ❤️

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