ten things they don't tell you until you're pregnant


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I recently had a baby. Yep, I've gone and had myself a little bundle of joy called, Joyella. I took time off blogging to have my little princess, and I'd like to say a massive 'thank you' to all my followers both here and on social media platforms who have bared with me and stuck around. During my pregnancy, I thought about lots of blogging ideas - from sharing a tour of Joyella's nursery to talking about her skincare products - and I hope to share them with you now that I have a bit more time on my hands, thanks to the ol' mat leave! But first, I'd like to share a few things I only found out when I got pregnant.

1. Your bump doesn't actually pop until about 20 weeks

Goodness, I remember wondering where my bump was and questioning whether I was actually pregnant for ages duuring my first and early on in my second trimester! My bump didn't show up until I was bang on 20 weeks, and it literally came out of no where! I woke up on one Saturday and there my bump was! So yes, your bump does take it's time to show up but be patient because when it does, it doesn't stop growing until baby comes out.

2. If your baby has hair, you can see their hair during your ultrasound scan

But this depends on how frequently you're scannned. I was 'lucky' to have frequent scans during my pregnancy and at around my 30th week scan we were able to spot Joyella's hair! I've also heard that if your baby has a full head of hair this can result in lots of acid reflux for mummy. 

3. Not every pregnant woman has morning sickness

I used to think that every pregnant woman suffered the dreaded morning sickness at some point during their pregnancy, but I found that this isn't the case. I had no morning sickness throughout my pregnancy. Even a few of my friends and family members confirmed that they didn't have morning sickness during their pregnancies.

4. Babies hiccup in the womb

...and this can feel like repeated kicks.

5. Miscarriages are more common than you think

At the hospital, I was told that 1 in every 4 women have a miscarriage, and this often occurs in the first trimester. I never knew that miscarriages were so common, perhaps because it's seen as a bit of a taboo and no one talks about it! I myself had a miscarriage last year when we started trying for our baby. I was devastated. We told our parents about it but I felt like I couldn't tell anyone else, and for a long time I suffered in silence. I took comfort in the fact that God gives and takes away, and I knew that when He would eventually give my husband and I a baby, He would add no sorrow to that blessing. It wasn't until months later that I started talking to my close friends about it. I personally feel like women should be able to talk about their experience with a miscarriage because it offers a huge release, and you never know who you could be comforting with your story.

6. From about 20 weeks, you can no longer sleep on your back

I found this particularly difficult because it was so uncomfortable being restricted to just one sleeping position for the next five months. But, it is advised that from 20 weeks pregnant you stop sleeping on your back in order to avoid the risk of a miscarriage or even stillbirth.

7. For first time mummies, it can take up to one hour to push out just the head of the baby (Ouch!)

But the rest of the baby comes out within minutes. I also didn't know that you also have to 'deliver' the placenta! This also comes out within minutes of your baby.

8. Baby's first poo is black

This is because they are expelling all the things they've ingested from the amiotic fluid in the womb - including their own wee.

9. A newborn's tummy is about the size of a marble

Ever wonder why all babies do is eat, sleep, poo, repeat? That's because their tummies are so tiny and there's only so much they can actually eat. And what goes in, must come out, right? Also, babies can sleep for up to 18 hours a day, probably because their tummies are so full after having a feed. Sometime I wish I was still a baby!

10. Enjoy your pregnancy

Whilst I do appreciate being able to see my toes and feet again after delivering my baby, I do miss my bump and feeling my princess' little kicks and swerves. I miss random strangers asking how far along I was, and offering me a helping hand. One thing I tried to do throughout my pregnancy was to enjoy every moment of it because, hey, you're only pregnant for 9 months! I did so by getting lots of rest after work and spending lots of time alone with just me and the bump. Sometimes I'd read aloud a story from one of the Peter Rabbit books I bought for my baby, or I'd read aloud a Psalm. Speaking to your bump is such a great way of bonding with your baby.

If you're a first time mum, what're some of the things you only found out about pregnancy whilst you were actually pregnant?

Love, K.G


  1. Great post Kiks! Excited for more!! Well done mama!

    1. Thanks so much girl! Really appreciate your support 😘

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Congratulations dear. The baby bump just appearing from no where made me laugh, I am imagine your shock. God bless your new born.

    1. Hey Omoby! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying this post. Amen and amen! 😘


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