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Packing my hospital bag was one of the things I really enjoyed doing whilst I was pregnant. Before packing though, I made sure I did some research on the essential items I'll need in the hospital. I came across a couple of lists which suggested magazines, books or tablets for entertaining yourself during your hospital stay, but I didn't prioritise these because I didn't think it'll be quite realistic to look after a baby right after giving birth whilst also attempting to read a magazine, and also making sure you sleep when baby sleeps!

When packing a hospital bag, be realistic about the things you pack because the last thing you want to do is overpack, have a really heavy bag for hubby to carry, and spend ages looking for something you really need. The hospital may already have some of the things you need. When I was in hospital, I was given maternity pads, towels, cotton balls and nappies throughout my stay. In fact, Joyella couldn't fit into the nappies I took to hospital because she was only tiny! So I used the premature ones at the hospital. They fit her like a glove!

Also, whilst packing your bag ask yourself, "do I really need this?" I remember when packing my hospital bag that I was in two minds about taking my makeup bag. I eventually left it because I knew I wouldn't even be fussed about getting dolled up after going through labour. So, here are just a few essentials I think you'll definitely need in your hospital bag.

For Mummy

At least 2 maternity bras for convenient breastfeeding
Breast pads - I opted for reusable ones like these
Nipple cream - try this
Pyjamas (preferably one that unbuttons so that you can easily breastfeed)
A dressing gown
Lots of spare underwear
Maternity [sanitary] pads
Hand sanitiser
A plastic bag for dirty clothes
Flip flops or slippers
A portable fan
Phone charger
A tablet to keep yourself entertained

For Baby

A couple of blankets
A few muslin squares to wipe up any mess
A towel (if you're planning to give baby a wash) 
A going home outfit (unless you'd prefer your little one going home in a sleepsuits)
A car seat - you wouldn't be allowed to leave the hospital without one!

Love, K.G

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