Joyella's Nursery Reveal

One of my ultimate favourite parts of being pregnant was planning for and decorating Joyella's nursery. I drove my husband crazy with all my ideas and massive to-do / must-have / to-buy lists and Pinterest boards. But he secretly loved it all!!
For most of you who may recognise it from my previous posts, Joyella's nursery is actually the former Kike's Closet - this was the space I formerly used to shoot my blog posts and it was also my actual closet! We decided to use this room as her nursery as it's the smaller of the two guest bedrooms and just the perfect size for a nursery. We also repainted the room to give it a bit of colour, so it went from a cool magnolia to a soft yellow. I chose this shade of yellow becasue I felt it was a neutral colour, though my husband doesn't agree! We repainted the nursery ourselves, and it was such a beautiful and fun way of bonding before baby came. 
You wouldn't be wrong in guessing that most of our nursery furniture is from IKEA. In fact, all of it apart from the cotbed and cot top changer is! One thing I'm really proud of is my bargain hunting skills which came in super handy when it came to decorating this nursery. We actually set ourselves a budget of £500 and we stuck to it! Joyella's cot bed was only £134 from Online4Baby, an amazing website I came across thanks to my Bounty App. I really like apps like Bounty and Emma's Diary because they always have offer codes and savings for baby items. We opted for a cot bed because we wanted something that could later convert into a big girl bed, and would last until she's a lot older than toddler age. The cot bed is height adjustable and it also came with a full package including teething rails, an air cool mattress and a mattress protector, all for £134. The cot bed we purchased is no longer available on the website, but you can find a similar one here
Of course, I also have my family and friends to thank for showering us with so many gifts. The cot top changer and changing mat was gifted to us by a close family friend of ours. You can actually find the cot top changer here at Online4Baby. It was originally a brown oak colour but Jide painted it white.

A cot skirt is such a perfect finishing touch to any cot bed - and it also helps to hide things out of sight under the cot bed. We got this one here at IKEA for just £6

This storage pouch came in a pair of two also from our local IKEA store at a reduced price of £4.50. You can find it here on their website

This basket is super handy for holding all of Joyella's blankets, extra muslin cloths and moses basket /cot bed sheets. We got it in store from - you guessed it - IKEA during their black Friday sale for about £9. You can find it here on their website 

Other key items in the nursery
Bedding - Tesco £7
Wardrobe - IKEA £60
Chest of drawers - IKEA £50
Armchair - IKEA £180
Large fluffy cushion - TK Maxx £16.99
Basket with stuffed animals - IKEA £4
Fur rug - eBay £8.99
Pouffe (foot rest) - ASDA £25
Laundry basket - TK Maxx £7.99 (similar here)

Love, KG


  1. This is so beautiful! I love the gender-neutral colour schemes and how soft everything looks. Congratulations mama!


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