The Truth About Reusable / cloth Nappies

Ahhh! What?!! It has been literally a year and some since my last blog post! I’m genuinely ashamed of myself. Lol, not really though, because I’ve spent the last year adjusting into motherhood, launching my business (My Little Luxe), starting a new job, all alongside going through the motions of looking after a tiny tot!

Ok, so, in this post I’ll be discussing my experience using reusable / cloth nappies. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that Joyella does her bit to save the planet by using reusable nappies alongside disposables. I initially wanted her to use disposables on a full time basis but after some hard thinking and research, I decided to go part-time because disposables are not always convenient when you’re out and about!

I’ll start by breaking down the pros and cons of using cloth nappies:


1. They come in a variety of beautiful designs! In fact, during the Summer I loved pairing Joyella’s cloth nappies with a little dress as they look like pretty bloomers under her dress! I particularly LOVE Bambino Mio’s designs and always run to Aldi whenever they get stock of Miosolo nappies!

2. They are environmentally friendly. Studying Architecture & Environmental Design in Uni enlightened me to our effects on the environment and contributed to my environmental consciousness. So, at home, we do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle. Did you know that over 8 million disposable nappies are used and thrown away everyday in the UK? And each of these can take up to 500 years to decompose. Yikes! So, when I discovered cloth nappies, I was quite keen on minimising our impact on the environment!

3. They are excellent money savers! Some may argue that reusable nappies are expensive BUT think about how much more you’ll spend on disposable nappies until your little one is potty trained! And you can reuse your stash of cloth nappies if you have more children. 

4. They can be adjusted to fit from birth all the way to potty training age. However, this can depend on your little one’s size.

5. You can use them alongside disposables. There’s no hard and fast rules about using cloth nappies and I love the fact that I have the flexibility of using both reusables and disposables. As I mentioned earlier I prefer using disposables when we’re out and about but Joyella lives in her cloth nappies most times when we’re indoors.

6. They are great at concealing smells. I find that I actually have to go up and close to smell Joyella’s nappy to check if she’s done a poo when she’s wearing a reusable nappy. But with a disposable I can smell her dirty nappies from miles away. Lol

7. They are super soft and comfy for baby’s little bum as cloth nappies are made from soft fabrics and have much less chemicals than disposables do. 


1. Cloth nappies can be messy to handle, but what nappy isn’t??!! Lord knows how many times I’ve gotten poo on my hands when changing Joyella’s nappies but I guess that’s all part of motherhood. You’ll get over the messiness once you settle into using reusables, and one thing I’ve found is that the older your baby gets the less explosive and mushy their poos get and the less messy it is to clean their cloth nappies. To be honest, it can also be a messy job handling disposables too!

2. It's a lot of laundry - but this may not be a big issue if you're using them on a part time basis like we do, besides, you still have to do a lot of washing of your baby's clothes anyway.

3. Not always convenient to use. So, there’re times I do take Joyella out with her reusables on, but I’m always praying within me that she doesn’t have a huge accident before we get back home šŸ¤£. So, I always prefer to take her disposables when we’re going out and when taking her to nursery as her nursery don’t use reusables.

4. They can be bulky in fit. I sometimes struggle to pin some of Joyella’s bodysuits when she has on a reusable nappy, but my advice here would be to go up a bodysuit size if you’re going to be wearing them over reusables. But I also find there to be a benefit to the bulkiness - they’re great cushions when Joyella falls on her bum!


If you’re thinking of using cloth nappies for your little one I definitely suggest doing your research first. I remember spending MONTHS researching about reusables before making my choice. There’re different types of nappy systems (two part, pocket or all in ones), different materials (cotton or bamboo) and lots of accessories you’ll want to use with your cloth nappies. These include:

• nappy liners which create a barrier between baby’s bum and the actual nappy so that it catches all the mess
• a nappy bucket and laundry bag for storing and / or soaking soiled nappies
• booster pads which you can stuff into the cloth nappy to help create an extra layer of absorbency (ideal for night time wear)
• nappy cleanser which is added to your laundry detergent when washing the nappies - without fabric conditioner of course, as this reduces the absorbency of the nappy
• a wet bag for storing soiled nappies when you’re out and about, similar to a disposable nappy bag


I opted for the all in one cloth nappy system as they’re much more straightforward to use and not as time consuming to put on and take off as a two part or pocket system would be. All in ones are a bit like the cloth version of a taped nappy. I’ve also found that the older Joyella has gotten the less messy all of her nappies have become and so changing her soiled cloth nappies have become quite bareable and much easier to clean. I also tend to soak Joyella’s nappies after use and then wash them on laundry day.

Overall, I’ve honestly not had a bad experience using reusable nappies. I absolutely love them, and I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons particularly when you consider that you’ll be having less of an environmental impact and saving a bit more money as you’ll be buying less disposables for your little one.

If you’re thinking about using cloth nappies and you have any questions for me, please feel free to leave a comment below! Ot if you already use them let me know what you thinks.

Thanks for reading guys šŸ˜˜

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